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The traditional Ammo Box re-imagined with clips on the lid. Organise your adventure gear and keep everything neat with stronger clips, reinforced corners, and a clever draining system to keep water out.

Still stackable and compatible with older conventional ammo boxes.

52cm x 40cm x 23cm


Why use an ammo box?

Standard-sized boxes allow for stacking and are a sturdy staple for your camping. Rather than mixing and matching your crates and bags, this storage results in neat and organised overlanding. Slots for cargo straps make them easy to tie down on your roof rack/trailer.

Are they waterproof?

This box has a clever drainage system to keep the water out, and when combined with the clips on the lid is one of the most water-tight ammo boxes on the market. The manufacturer specifies the product as “water-resistant.”

Are they Fireproof?

This box is made of Heavy-Duty Polypropylene. While it is a very sturdy material, you should keep it out of the fire.

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