Mobi Mist Set


This kit comes with 5 nozzles and t-pieces, many adaptors and a 7m long 6mm polyurethane piping that connects to your standard garden hose tap attachement.

Suitable for all outdoor uses like camping, caravaning, 4x4ing and many more.

This robust fine spray and cooling system is ideal for homemade and professional COVID 19 sanitation stations. It is also perfect to install in warehouses, classrooms, gyms, hallways and many more open spaces to sanitize the area completely – you can make up you own kit to suit your specifications!

The inner part of the nozzle is pure stainless steel to prevent corrosion and blockages. The quick install also enables the user to swop out nozzles quickly without hassles.

Be wary of cheaper immitation products – their nozzles can corrode or clog very easily and the filters can also not be cleaned like the one included in our kit.

All the components are available loose and in bulk – no project is too big or too small.

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